Watt-32 tcp/ip  2.2 dev-rel.10
chksum.h File Reference

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int do_checksum (const BYTE *buf, BYTE proto, unsigned len)
WORD _ip6_checksum (const in6_Header *ip, WORD proto, const void *payload, unsigned payloadlen)
 Generic IPv6 checksum function.
int _ip6_tcp_checksum (const in6_Header *ip, const tcp_Header *tcp, unsigned len)
 Check tcp header checksum of an IPv6 packet.
int _ip6_udp_checksum (const in6_Header *ip, const udp_Header *udp, unsigned len)
 Check udp header checksum of an IPv6 packet.
int _ip6_icmp_checksum (const in6_Header *ip, const void *icmp, unsigned len)
WORD cdecl in_checksum_fast (const void *ptr, unsigned len)