Watt-32 tcp/ip  2.2 dev-rel.10
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cpumodel.h File Reference

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void SYSCALL cdecl CheckCpuType (void)
int SYSCALL cdecl asm_ffs (int val)
WORD SYSCALL cdecl MY_CS (void)
WORD SYSCALL cdecl MY_DS (void)
WORD SYSCALL cdecl MY_ES (void)
WORD SYSCALL cdecl MY_SS (void)
DWORD SYSCALL cdecl Get_CR4 (void)
BOOL SYSCALL cdecl SelWriteable (WORD sel)
BOOL SYSCALL cdecl SelReadable (WORD sel)
__inline__ void get_cpuid (DWORD val, DWORD *eax, DWORD *ebx, DWORD *ecx, DWORD *edx)
__inline__ uint64 get_rdtsc (void)
__inline__ void get_rdtsc2 (struct ulong_long *tsc)
static void pkt_save_fpu (char far *state)
static void pkt_restore_fpu (char far *state)
__inline__ BOOL have_cpuid (void)
 __declspec (naked) static BOOL have_cpuid(void)


CONST char DATA_DECL x86_type
CONST char DATA_DECL x86_model
CONST char DATA_DECL x86_mask
CONST int DATA_DECL x86_hard_math
CONST DWORD DATA_DECL x86_capability
CONST int DATA_DECL x86_have_cpuid
CONST char DATA_DECL x86_vendor_id [13]