Watt-32 tcp/ip  2.2 dev-rel.10
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get_xby.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  _hostent
struct  _hostent6
struct  _netent
struct  _protoent
struct  _servent


W32_FUNC void W32_CALL ReadHostsFile (const char *fname)
W32_FUNC void W32_CALL ReadServFile (const char *fname)
W32_FUNC void W32_CALL ReadProtoFile (const char *fname)
W32_FUNC void W32_CALL ReadNetworksFile (const char *fname)
W32_FUNC void W32_CALL ReadEthersFile (void)
 Read the /etc/ethers file. More...
W32_FUNC int W32_CALL NumEtherEntries (void)
W32_FUNC void W32_CALL InitEthersFile (const char *fname)
W32_FUNC void W32_CALL CloseHostFile (void)
 Close hosts-file. More...
W32_FUNC void W32_CALL CloseServFile (void)
W32_FUNC void W32_CALL CloseProtoFile (void)
W32_FUNC void W32_CALL CloseNetworksFile (void)
W32_FUNC const char *W32_CALL GetHostsFile (void)
 Return name of hosts-file. More...
W32_FUNC const char *W32_CALL GetServFile (void)
W32_FUNC const char *W32_CALL GetProtoFile (void)
W32_FUNC const char *W32_CALL GetNetFile (void)
W32_FUNC const char *W32_CALL GetEthersFile (void)
W32_FUNC const char *W32_CALL GetEtherName (const eth_address *eth)
W32_FUNC void W32_CALL DumpHostsCache (void)
W32_FUNC void W32_CALL DumpEthersCache (void)
W32_FUNC void W32_CALL ReadHosts6File (const char *fname)
W32_FUNC void W32_CALL CloseHost6File (void)
W32_FUNC void W32_CALL DumpHosts6Cache (void)
W32_FUNC const char *W32_CALL GetHosts6File (void)


BOOL called_from_getai
unsigned netdbCacheLife

Function Documentation

W32_FUNC void W32_CALL CloseHostFile ( void  )

Close hosts-file.

To prevent running out of file-handles, one should close the hosts-file before spawning a new shell.

Definition at line 197 of file gethost.c.

W32_FUNC const char* W32_CALL GetHostsFile ( void  )

Return name of hosts-file.

Only returns the last 'hosts' file opened.

Definition at line 187 of file gethost.c.

W32_FUNC void W32_CALL ReadEthersFile ( void  )

Read the /etc/ethers file.

This MUST be called after any /etc/hosts file has been read.

: Assert that.

Definition at line 104 of file geteth.c.

References _arp_cache_add(), and called_from_resolve.