Watt-32 tcp/ip  2.2 dev-rel.10
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gethost6.c File Reference

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static BOOL gethostbyname6_internal (const char *name, const char **alias, struct _hostent6 *ret)
static BOOL gethostbyaddr6_internal (const char *addr, struct _hostent6 *ret)
static struct hostentfill_hostent6 (const struct _hostent6 *h)
static struct _hostent6add_hostent6 (struct _hostent6 *h, const char *name, const char *cname, const void *addr_list, const void *addr, DWORD ttl)
static void _endhostent6 (void)
void W32_CALL ReadHosts6File (const char *fname)
const char *W32_CALL GetHosts6File (void)
void W32_CALL CloseHost6File (void)
void W32_CALL ReopenHost6File (void)
struct hostent *W32_CALL gethostent6 (void)
struct hostent *W32_CALL gethostbyname6 (const char *name)
void W32_CALL sethostent6 (int stayopen)
void W32_CALL endhostent6 (void)
struct hostent *W32_CALL gethostbyaddr6 (const void *addr)
static BOOL ReverseHosts6List (void)
void W32_CALL DumpHosts6Cache (void)
static void print_hosts (void)
int main (void)


static char * host6fname = NULL
static FILE * host6file = NULL
static BOOL hostClose = FALSE
static struct _hostent6host0 = NULL
static BOOL did_lookup = FALSE
static BOOL is_addr = FALSE

Detailed Description

gethostbyname6() for IPv6.

Definition in file gethost6.c.

Function Documentation

static BOOL gethostbyaddr6_internal ( const char *  addr,
struct _hostent6 ret 
should check all addresses
should be the new aliases

Definition at line 448 of file gethost6.c.

References netdb_init().