Watt-32 tcp/ip  2.2 dev-rel.10
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gethost.c File Reference

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static BOOL gethostbyname_internal (const char *name, const char **alias, struct _hostent *ret)
static BOOL gethostbyaddr_internal (const char *addr_name, int len, int type, struct _hostent *ret)
static struct hostentfill_hostent (const struct _hostent *h)
static struct _hostentadd_hostent (struct _hostent *h, const char *name, const char *cname, DWORD *alist, DWORD addr, DWORD ttl, BOOL windns)
static void _endhostent (void)
void W32_CALL ReadHostsFile (const char *fname)
const char *W32_CALL GetHostsFile (void)
 Return name of hosts-file. More...
void W32_CALL CloseHostFile (void)
 Close hosts-file. More...
void W32_CALL ReopenHostFile (void)
 Reopen hosts-file. More...
struct hostent *W32_CALL gethostent (void)
 Return the next (non-commented) line from the host-file. More...
struct hostent *W32_CALL gethostbyname (const char *name)
struct hostent *W32_CALL gethostbyname2 (const char *name, int family)
struct hostent *W32_CALL gethostbyaddr (const char *addr_name, int len, int type)
void W32_CALL sethostent (int stayopen)
void W32_CALL endhostent (void)
void uninit_warn (const char *func)
int *W32_CALL __h_errno_location (void)
static BOOL ReverseHostsList (void)
void W32_CALL DumpHostsCache (void)
static void print_hosts (void)
void do_sleep (int time)
int main (void)


int h_errno = 0
unsigned netdbCacheLife = MAX_CACHE_LIFE
static char * hostFname = NULL
static FILE * hostFile = NULL
static BOOL hostClose = FALSE
static const char * from_where = NULL
static struct _hostenthost0 = NULL
static BOOL did_lookup = FALSE
static BOOL is_addr = FALSE

Detailed Description

BSD-like host-entry functions.

Definition in file gethost.c.

Function Documentation

void W32_CALL CloseHostFile ( void  )

Close hosts-file.

To prevent running out of file-handles, one should close the hosts-file before spawning a new shell.

Definition at line 197 of file gethost.c.

static BOOL gethostbyaddr_internal ( const char *  addr_name,
int  len,
int  type,
struct _hostent ret 
Should return all our addresses if we're multihomed.
should be the new aliases

Definition at line 512 of file gethost.c.

References gethostid(), netdb_init(), and sin_mask.

static BOOL gethostbyname_internal ( const char *  name,
const char **  alias,
struct _hostent ret 
should be canonical name

Definition at line 306 of file gethost.c.

References called_from_resolve, gethostid(), hostname, netdb_init(), and resolve().

struct hostent* W32_CALL gethostent ( void  )

Return the next (non-commented) line from the host-file.

Format is: ip-address host-name [alias..] {
| # ..}

Definition at line 218 of file gethost.c.

References _strlcpy(), isaddr(), netdb_init(), and strltrim().

const char* W32_CALL GetHostsFile ( void  )

Return name of hosts-file.

Only returns the last 'hosts' file opened.

Definition at line 187 of file gethost.c.

void W32_CALL ReopenHostFile ( void  )

Reopen hosts-file.

Call this after e.g. system() returns.

Definition at line 208 of file gethost.c.