Watt-32 tcp/ip  2.2 dev-rel.10
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getopt.c File Reference

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int W32_CALL watt_getopt (int argc, char *const *_argv, const char *opt_str)
int W32_CALL _w_watt_getopt (int argc, wchar_t *const *argv, const wchar_t *opt_str)


char * watt_optarg = NULL
int watt_optopt = 0
int watt_optind = 0
int watt_opterr = 1
char * watt_optswchar = "-/"
enum _watt_optmode watt_optmode = GETOPT_UNIX
static char * next_opt
static char * empty = ""
static BOOL done
static char sw_char
static char ** options
static char ** non_options
static int options_count
static int non_options_count
W32_DATA wchar_t * _w_watt_optarg
W32_DATA wchar_t * _w_watt_optswchar
static wchar_t * _w_next_opt
static wchar_t * _w_empty = L""
static wchar_t _w_sw_char
static wchar_t ** _w_options
static wchar_t ** _w_non_options

Detailed Description

Parse command-line options.

Definition in file getopt.c.

Variable Documentation

W32_DATA wchar_t* _w_watt_optarg
make a wide-char version of getopt()

Definition at line 182 of file getopt.c.