Watt-32 tcp/ip  2.2 dev-rel.10
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getserv.c File Reference

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static __inline struct serventfill_servent (const struct _servent *s)
static void _endservent (void)
void W32_CALL ReadServFile (const char *fname)
const char *W32_CALL GetServFile (void)
void W32_CALL CloseServFile (void)
void W32_CALL ReopenServFile (void)
struct servent *W32_CALL getservent (void)
struct servent *W32_CALL getservbyname (const char *serv, const char *proto)
struct servent *W32_CALL getservbyport (int port, const char *proto)
void W32_CALL setservent (int stayopen)
void W32_CALL endservent (void)
int main (void)


static struct _serventserv0 = NULL
static char * servFname = NULL
static FILE * servFile = NULL
static BOOL servClose = FALSE
static struct _serventport_hash [PORT_HASH_SIZE]

Detailed Description

Simple BSD-like services functions.

Definition in file getserv.c.