Watt-32 tcp/ip  2.2 dev-rel.10
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in6.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  in6_addr
struct  sockaddr_in6
struct  route_in6
struct  ipv6_mreq
struct  in6_pktinfo


typedef _BSD_SIZE_T_ size_t


int in6_cksum __P ((struct mbuf *, u_int8_t, u_int32_t, u_int32_t))
int in6_localaddr __P ((struct in6_addr *))
struct in6_ifaddr *in6_ifawithscope __P ((struct ifnet *, struct in6_addr *))
void in6_if_up __P ((struct ifnet *))
void in6_sin6_2_sin __P ((struct sockaddr_in *sin, struct sockaddr_in6 *sin6))
void in6_sin6_2_sin_in_sock __P ((struct sockaddr *nam))
void in6_sin_2_v4mapsin6_in_sock __P ((struct sockaddr **nam))
int inet6_option_space __P ((int))
int inet6_option_init __P ((void *, struct cmsghdr **, int))
int inet6_option_append __P ((struct cmsghdr *, const uint8_t *, int, int))
uint8_t *inet6_option_alloc __P ((struct cmsghdr *, int, int, int))
int inet6_option_next __P ((const struct cmsghdr *, uint8_t **))
int inet6_option_find __P ((const struct cmsghdr *, uint8_t **, int))
size_t inet6_rthdr_space __P ((int, int))
struct cmsghdr *inet6_rthdr_init __P ((void *, int))
int inet6_rthdr_add __P ((struct cmsghdr *, const struct in6_addr *, unsigned int))
int inet6_rthdr_lasthop __P ((struct cmsghdr *, unsigned int))
int inet6_rthdr_reverse __P ((const struct cmsghdr *, struct cmsghdr *))
int inet6_rthdr_segments __P ((const struct cmsghdr *))
struct in6_addr
__P ((struct cmsghdr *, int))
int inet6_rthdr_getflags __P ((const struct cmsghdr *, int))
int inet6_opt_init __P ((void *, size_t))
int inet6_opt_append __P ((void *, size_t, int, uint8_t, size_t, uint8_t, void **))
int inet6_opt_finish __P ((void *, size_t, int))
int inet6_opt_set_val __P ((void *, size_t, void *, int))
int inet6_opt_next __P ((void *, size_t, int, uint8_t *, size_t *, void **))
int inet6_opt_find __P ((void *, size_t, int, uint8_t, size_t *, void **))
void *inet6_rth_init __P ((void *, int, int, int))
int inet6_rth_add __P ((void *, const struct in6_addr *))
int inet6_rth_reverse __P ((const void *, void *))
int inet6_rth_segments __P ((const void *))
struct in6_addr *inet6_rth_getaddr __P ((const void *, int))


const struct sockaddr_in6 sa6_any
const struct in6_addr in6mask0
const struct in6_addr in6mask32
const struct in6_addr in6mask64
const struct in6_addr in6mask96
const struct in6_addr in6mask128
const struct in6_addr in6addr_any
const struct in6_addr in6addr_loopback
const struct in6_addr in6addr_nodelocal_allnodes
const struct in6_addr in6addr_linklocal_allnodes
const struct in6_addr in6addr_linklocal_allrouters
u_char ip6_protox []
int(* faithprefix_p )(struct in6_addr *)