Watt-32 tcp/ip  2.2 dev-rel.10
in6_pcb.h File Reference

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void in6_pcbpurgeif0 __P ((struct in6pcb *, struct ifnet *))
void in6_losing __P ((struct inpcb *))
int in6_pcballoc __P ((struct socket *, struct inpcbinfo *, struct thread *))
int in6_pcbbind __P ((struct inpcb *, struct sockaddr *, struct thread *))
int in6_pcbladdr __P ((struct inpcb *, struct sockaddr *, struct in6_addr **))
struct inpcb *in6_pcblookup_local __P ((struct inpcbinfo *, struct in6_addr *, u_int, int))
struct inpcb *in6_pcblookup_hash __P ((struct inpcbinfo *, struct in6_addr *, u_int, struct in6_addr *, u_int, int, struct ifnet *))
void in6_pcbnotify __P ((struct inpcbhead *, struct sockaddr *, u_int, const struct sockaddr *, u_int, int, struct inpcb *(*)(struct inpcb *, int)))
struct inpcb *in6_rtchange __P ((struct inpcb *, int))
int in6_setpeeraddr __P ((struct socket *so, struct sockaddr **nam))
struct in6_addr *in6_selectsrc __P ((struct sockaddr_in6 *, struct ip6_pktopts *, struct ip6_moptions *, struct route_in6 *, struct in6_addr *, int *))
int in6_pcbsetport __P ((struct in6_addr *, struct inpcb *, struct thread *))
void init_sin6 __P ((struct sockaddr_in6 *sin6, struct mbuf *m))