Watt-32 tcp/ip  2.2 dev-rel.10
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ip6_out.h File Reference

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int _ip6_output (in6_Header *ip, ip6_address *src_ip, ip6_address *dst_ip, BYTE next_hdr, unsigned data_len, int hop_lim, const void *sock, const char *file, unsigned line)


W32_DATA struct in6_addr in6addr_my_ip
const struct in6_addr in6addr_all_1
const struct in6_addr in6addr_alln_mc
const struct in6_addr in6addr_allr_mc
const BYTE in6addr_mapped [12]
int _default6_ttl

Function Documentation

int _ip6_output ( in6_Header ip,
ip6_address *  src_ip,
ip6_address *  dst_ip,
BYTE  next_hdr,
unsigned  data_len,
int  hop_lim,
const void sock,
const char *  file,
unsigned  line 
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Definition at line 74 of file ip6_out.c.

References _eth_send().