Watt-32 tcp/ip  2.2 dev-rel.10
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ip6_var.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  ip6q
struct  ip6asfrag
struct  ip6_moptions
struct  route_in6
struct  ip6po_rhinfo
struct  ip6_pktopts
struct  ip6stat
struct  ip6aux


int icmp6_ctloutput __P ((struct socket *, struct sockopt *sopt))
void ip6_init __P ((void))
void ip6_input __P ((struct mbuf *))
void ip6_freepcbopts __P ((struct ip6_pktopts *))
void ip6_freemoptions __P ((struct ip6_moptions *))
int ip6_unknown_opt __P ((u_int8_t *, struct mbuf *, int))
char *ip6_get_prevhdr __P ((struct mbuf *, int))
int ip6_nexthdr __P ((struct mbuf *, int, int, int *))
int ip6_mforward __P ((struct ip6_hdr *, struct ifnet *, struct mbuf *))
int ip6_process_hopopts __P ((struct mbuf *, u_int8_t *, int, u_int32_t *, u_int32_t *))
void ip6_savecontrol __P ((struct inpcb *, struct mbuf **, struct ip6_hdr *, struct mbuf *))
void ip6_notify_pmtu __P ((struct inpcb *, struct sockaddr_in6 *, u_int32_t *))
int ip6_sysctl __P ((int *, u_int, void *, size_t *, void *, size_t))
void ip6_mloopback __P ((struct ifnet *, struct mbuf *, struct sockaddr_in6 *))
int ip6_output __P ((struct mbuf *, struct ip6_pktopts *, struct route_in6 *, int, struct ip6_moptions *, struct ifnet **))
int ip6_setpktoptions __P ((struct mbuf *, struct ip6_pktopts *, int, int))
void ip6_clearpktopts __P ((struct ip6_pktopts *, int, int))
struct ip6_pktopts *ip6_copypktopts __P ((struct ip6_pktopts *, int))
int ip6_optlen __P ((struct inpcb *))
int route6_input __P ((struct mbuf **, int *, int))
int rip6_input __P ((struct mbuf **mp, int *offp, int proto))
void rip6_ctlinput __P ((int, struct sockaddr *, void *))
int rip6_ctloutput __P ((struct socket *so, struct sockopt *sopt))
int rip6_output __P ((struct mbuf *,...))
int rip6_usrreq __P ((struct socket *, int, struct mbuf *, struct mbuf *, struct mbuf *, struct thread *))


struct ip6stat ip6stat
u_int32_t ip6_id
int ip6_defhlim
int ip6_defmcasthlim
int ip6_forwarding
int ip6_forward_srcrt
int ip6_gif_hlim
int ip6_use_deprecated
int ip6_rr_prune
int ip6_v6only
struct socketip6_mrouter
int ip6_sendredirects
int ip6_maxfragpackets
int ip6_sourcecheck
int ip6_sourcecheck_interval
int ip6_accept_rtadv
int ip6_keepfaith
int ip6_log_interval
time_t ip6_log_time
int ip6_hdrnestlimit
int ip6_dad_count
u_int32_t ip6_flow_seq
int ip6_auto_flowlabel
int ip6_auto_linklocal
int ip6_anonportmin
int ip6_anonportmax
int ip6_lowportmin
int ip6_lowportmax
int ip6_use_tempaddr
struct pr_usrreqs rip6_usrreqs