Watt-32 tcp/ip  2.2 dev-rel.10
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ipsec6.h File Reference

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struct secpolicy
__P ((struct mbuf *, u_int, struct socket *, int *))
struct secpolicy
__P ((struct mbuf *, u_int, int, int *))
int ipsec6_in_reject_so __P ((struct mbuf *, struct socket *))
int ipsec6_delete_pcbpolicy __P ((struct inpcb *))
int ipsec6_set_policy __P ((struct inpcb *inp, int optname, caddr_t request, size_t len, int priv))
int ipsec6_get_policy __P ((struct inpcb *inp, caddr_t request, size_t len, struct mbuf **mp))
int ipsec6_in_reject __P ((struct mbuf *, struct inpcb *))
size_t ipsec6_hdrsiz __P ((struct mbuf *, u_int, struct inpcb *))
const char *ipsec6_logpacketstr __P ((struct ip6_hdr *, u_int32_t))
int ipsec6_output_trans __P ((struct ipsec_output_state *, u_char *, struct mbuf *, struct secpolicy *, int, int *))
int ipsec6_output_tunnel __P ((struct ipsec_output_state *, struct secpolicy *, int))
int ipsec6_tunnel_validate __P ((struct mbuf *, int, u_int, struct secasvar *))


struct ipsecstat ipsec6stat
struct secpolicy ip6_def_policy
int ip6_esp_trans_deflev
int ip6_esp_net_deflev
int ip6_ah_trans_deflev
int ip6_ah_net_deflev
int ip6_ipsec_ecn
int ip6_esp_randpad