Watt-32 tcp/ip  2.2 dev-rel.10
language.h File Reference

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void lang_init (const char *value)
 Initialize the linked list for language. More...
const char * lang_xlate (const char *str)
 Return foreign translation of string `str'.

Detailed Description

Include file for Watt-32 foreign language translation facility.

Based on idea from PGP, but totally rewritten (using flex)

Strings with _LANG() around them are found by the `mklang' tool and put into a text file to be translated into foreign language at run-time.

Definition in file language.h.

Function Documentation

void lang_init ( const char *  value)

Initialize the linked list for language.

The wattcp.cfg entry has format LANGUAGE = lang,language-file e.g. "LANGUAGE = de,$(ETC)\language.txt"

Language-code MUST be two characters (see ISO 639 list above).

May be called multiple times to extend language entries from more than 1 file.

Definition at line 2389 of file lang.c.