Watt-32 tcp/ip  2.2 dev-rel.10
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nd6.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  llinfo_nd6
struct  nd_ifinfo
struct  in6_nbrinfo
struct  in6_drlist
struct  in6_defrouter
struct  in6_prlist
struct  in6_prefix
struct  in6_ondireq
struct  in6_ndireq
struct  in6_ndifreq
struct  nd_defrouter
struct  nd_prefix
struct  inet6_ndpr_msghdr
struct  nd_pfxrouter
union  nd_opts


 TAILQ_HEAD (nd_drhead, nd_defrouter)
 LIST_HEAD (nd_prhead, nd_prefix)
void nd6_init __P ((void))
void nd6_ifattach __P ((struct ifnet *))
int nd6_is_addr_neighbor __P ((struct sockaddr_in6 *, struct ifnet *))
void nd6_option_init __P ((void *, int, union nd_opts *))
struct nd_opt_hdr *nd6_option __P ((union nd_opts *))
struct rtentry *nd6_lookup __P ((struct in6_addr *, int, struct ifnet *))
void nd6_timer __P ((void *))
struct llinfo_nd6 *nd6_free __P ((struct rtentry *))
void nd6_nud_hint __P ((struct rtentry *, struct in6_addr *, int))
int nd6_resolve __P ((struct ifnet *, struct rtentry *, struct mbuf *, struct sockaddr *, u_char *))
void nd6_rtrequest __P ((int, struct rtentry *, struct rt_addrinfo *))
int nd6_ioctl __P ((u_long, caddr_t, struct ifnet *))
struct rtentry *nd6_cache_lladdr __P ((struct ifnet *, struct in6_addr *, char *, int, int, int))
int nd6_output __P ((struct ifnet *, struct ifnet *, struct mbuf *, struct sockaddr_in6 *, struct rtentry *))
void nd6_na_input __P ((struct mbuf *, int, int))
void nd6_na_output __P ((struct ifnet *, const struct in6_addr *, const struct in6_addr *, u_long, int, struct sockaddr *))
void nd6_ns_output __P ((struct ifnet *, const struct in6_addr *, const struct in6_addr *, struct llinfo_nd6 *, int))
void nd6_dad_start __P ((struct ifaddr *, int *))
void nd6_dad_stop __P ((struct ifaddr *))
void prelist_del __P ((struct nd_prefix *))
void defrouter_addreq __P ((struct nd_defrouter *))
void defrouter_delreq __P ((struct nd_defrouter *, int))
int prelist_update __P ((struct nd_prefix *, struct nd_defrouter *, struct mbuf *))
int nd6_prelist_add __P ((struct nd_prefix *, struct nd_defrouter *, struct nd_prefix **))
struct nd_defrouter
__P ((struct in6_addr *, struct ifnet *))
int in6_init_prefix_ltimes __P ((struct nd_prefix *ndpr))
int nd6_setdefaultiface __P ((int))
int in6_tmpifadd __P ((const struct in6_ifaddr *, int))


int nd6_prune
int nd6_delay
int nd6_umaxtries
int nd6_mmaxtries
int nd6_useloopback
int nd6_maxnudhint
int nd6_gctimer
struct llinfo_nd6 llinfo_nd6
struct nd_ifinfond_ifinfo
struct nd_drhead nd_defrouter
struct nd_prhead nd_prefix
int nd6_debug
struct callout nd6_timer_ch
int nd6_defifindex
int ip6_desync_factor
u_int32_t ip6_temp_preferred_lifetime
u_int32_t ip6_temp_valid_lifetime
int ip6_temp_regen_advance

Detailed Description

IPv6 Neighbor Discovery.

Definition in file nd6.h.