Watt-32 tcp/ip  2.2 dev-rel.10
netaddr.h File Reference

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int mask_len (DWORD mask)
int check_mask (DWORD mask)
int check_mask2 (const char *mask)
const char * _inet_atoeth (const char *src, eth_address *eth)
 Parse string "ether-addr, ip-addr". More...
const char * _inet6_ntoa (const void *ip)
 Convert an IPv6-address 'ip' into a string. More...
const ip6_address * _inet6_addr (const char *str)
 Convert a string 'str' into an IPv6-address. More...

Function Documentation

const ip6_address* _inet6_addr ( const char *  str)

Convert a string 'str' into an IPv6-address.

Return values
staticbuffer for address.
NULL'str' isn't a valid IPv6 address.

Definition at line 419 of file netaddr.c.

References inet_pton().

const char* _inet6_ntoa ( const void ip)

Convert an IPv6-address 'ip' into a string.

Return values
Not reentrant.

Definition at line 401 of file netaddr.c.

References inet_ntop().

const char* _inet_atoeth ( const char *  src,
eth_address *  p_eth 

Parse string "ether-addr, ip-addr".

DOSX == 0: Assumes 'src' contain only legal hex-codes and ':' separators (or '-' too for DOSX). Doesn't waste precious memory using sscanf() if DOSX==0.

Read 'src', dump to ethernet buffer ('*p_eth') and return pointer to "ip-addr".

Definition at line 205 of file netaddr.c.

References atox(), and strltrim().