Watt-32 tcp/ip  2.2 dev-rel.10
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pcbootp.c File Reference

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static int bootp_xmit (struct bootp *bootp_out)
static BOOL bootp_recv (struct bootp *bootp_out, struct bootp *bootp_in)
static void bootp_parse (const struct bootp *bootp_in, int len)
int BOOTP_do_boot (void)
 Main BOOTP initialisation. More...


DWORD _bootp_host = IP_BCAST_ADDR
int _bootp_timeout = 15
static sock_typeboot_sock

Detailed Description

BOOTP - Boot Protocol (RFC 854/951/1048).

These extensions get called if _bootp_on is set.

0.3: Feb 1, 1992 : J. Dent - patched up various things.
0.2: May 22, 1991 : E.J. Sutcliffe - added RFC_1048 vendor fields.
0.1: May 9, 1991 : E. Engelke - made part of the library.
0.0: May 3, 1991 : E. Engelke - original program as an application.

Definition in file pcbootp.c.

Function Documentation

int BOOTP_do_boot ( void  )

Main BOOTP initialisation.

Checks global variables _bootp_timeout, _bootp_host. If no host specified, use the broadcast address.

Return values
1success, local IP address set.
0something failed.
Doesn't retry the bootp_xmit() on timeout.

Definition at line 60 of file pcbootp.c.

References my_ip_addr, sock_close(), and udp_open().