Watt-32 tcp/ip  2.2 dev-rel.10
pcbuf.c File Reference

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static int num_free_raw (const _raw_Socket *raw)
static int num_free_raw6 (const _raw6_Socket *raw)
size_t W32_CALL sock_rbsize (const sock_type *s)
size_t W32_CALL sock_rbused (const sock_type *s)
size_t W32_CALL sock_rbleft (const sock_type *s)
size_t W32_CALL sock_tbsize (const sock_type *s)
size_t W32_CALL sock_tbleft (const sock_type *s)
size_t W32_CALL sock_tbused (const sock_type *s)
size_t W32_CALL sock_setbuf (sock_type *s, BYTE *rx_buf, size_t rx_len)
void _sock_check_tcp_buffers (const _tcp_Socket *tcp)
void _sock_check_udp_buffers (const _udp_Socket *udp)
int W32_CALL sock_preread (const sock_type *s, BYTE *buf, int len)
int W32_CALL _chk_socket (const sock_type *s)
const char *W32_CALL sockerr (const sock_type *s)
void W32_CALL sockerr_clear (sock_type *s)
const char *W32_CALL sockstate (const sock_type *s)
const _raw_Socketfind_oldest_raw (const _raw_Socket *raw)
const _raw6_Socketfind_oldest_raw6 (const _raw6_Socket *raw)

Detailed Description

Status of Rx/tx buffers.

Definition in file pcbuf.c.