Watt-32 tcp/ip  2.2 dev-rel.10
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pcconfig.h File Reference

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typedef FILE * WFILE


 void (W32_CALL *print_hook)(const char *)
 Hook to a function called after we're initialised.
const char * get_argv0 (void)
 Return argv[0] as passed to main().
void _add_server (WORD *counter, DWORD *array, int array_dim, DWORD value)
int netdb_init (void)
 Called from most <netdb.h> functions in case watt_sock_init() wasn't called first to initialise things.
void netdb_warn (const char *fname)
const char * expand_var_str (const char *str)
 Return a string with a environment variable expanded (only one). More...
long tcp_parse_file (WFILE fil, const struct config_table *cfg)


int sock_inactive
int sock_data_timeout
int sock_delay
WORD multihomes
WORD last_cookie
int ctrace_on
BOOL dynamic_host
int stkwalk_details
int fortify_fail_rate
const struct config_tablewatt_init_cfg

Function Documentation

const char* expand_var_str ( const char *  str)

Return a string with a environment variable expanded (only one).

Never returns NULL.

E.g. if environment variable ETC is "c:\network\watt\bin", "$(ETC)\hosts" becomes "c:\network\watt\bin\hosts" If ETC isn't defined, "$(ETC)\hosts" becomes "\hosts".

support several in one line and malloc the result.

Definition at line 231 of file pcconfig.c.