Watt-32 tcp/ip  2.2 dev-rel.10
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pcintr.c File Reference

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 void (W32_CALL *wintr_chain)(void)
static void find_DOS_flags (void)
static BOOL DOS_is_idle (void)
static void stack_probe (void)
BOOL wintr_enable (void)
void wintr_disable (void)
static void NewTimer (void)
void wintr_shutdown (void)
void wintr_init (void)
static void NewTimer (int sig)
static void (__interrupt __far *oldint)()
void NewTimerPre (void)


static BOOL on_isr8
static BOOL inside_isr8 = FALSE
static WORD indos_flag_seg
static WORD indos_flag_ofs
static WORD crit_err_seg
static WORD crit_err_ofs
static void(* old_sigalrm )(int)
static UINT locstack [STK_SIZE]
static REALPTR oldint
static REALPTR timer_cb
static RMC_BLK rmRegs
static WORD our_ds

Detailed Description

Background network ISR poller.

Add interrupt based processing, improve performance during disk slowdowns

Definition in file pcintr.c.