Watt-32 tcp/ip  2.2 dev-rel.10
pmap_cln.h File Reference

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__BEGIN_DECLS bool_t pmap_set (u_long, u_long, int, int)
bool_t pmap_unset (u_long, u_long)
struct pmaplistpmap_getmaps (struct sockaddr_in *)
enum clnt_stat pmap_rmtcall (struct sockaddr_in *, u_long, u_long, u_long, xdrproc_t, caddr_t, xdrproc_t, caddr_t, struct timeval, u_long *)
enum clnt_stat clnt_broadcast (u_long, u_long, u_long, xdrproc_t, char *, xdrproc_t, char *, bool_t(*)())
u_short pmap_getport (struct sockaddr_in *, u_long, u_long, u_int)

Detailed Description

RPC portmapper (client-side).

Definition in file pmap_cln.h.