Watt-32 tcp/ip  2.2 dev-rel.10
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powerpak.c File Reference

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void *WINAPI GetModuleHandleA (const char *module)
void *WINAPI GetProcAddress (void *module, const char *func)
static UINT (WINAPI *_AllocSelector)(UINT)
BOOL powerpak_init (void)
WORD dpmi_create_dos_selector (void)
int dpmi_free_dos_selector (WORD sel)
void ReadRealMem (void *dst, REALPTR rp, unsigned size)
void WriteRealMem (REALPTR rp, const void *src, int size)
BYTE _farpeekb (WORD sel, DWORD ofs)
WORD _farpeekw (WORD sel, DWORD ofs)
DWORD _farpeekl (WORD sel, DWORD ofs)
void _farpokeb (WORD sel, DWORD ofs, BYTE val)
void _farpokew (WORD sel, DWORD ofs, WORD val)
void _farpokel (WORD sel, DWORD ofs, DWORD val)
int dpmi_getvect (int intr, WORD *sel, DWORD *ofs)
int dpmi_setvect (int intr, WORD sel, DWORD ofs)
static REALPTR alloc_callback (void(*callback)(void), REAL_regs *regs)
REALPTR dpmi_alloc_callback_retf (DPMI_callback *cb)
int dpmi_free_callback_retf (DPMI_callback *cb)


int _ostype
static BYTE wrapper_code []

Detailed Description

A djgpp-like DOS memory interface for Borland's DOS extender (32rtm). Only Borland's BCC32 v4.5+ supported.

by G. Vanem gvane.nosp@m.m@ya.nosp@m.hoo.n.nosp@m.o Nov 2002

Running PowerPak under plain DOS, the 32rtm extender tries to emulate a subset of the Win32 API. Running the same app. under Win32 uses the real Win32 API (from kernel32.dll etc.). So then we cannot use int386() etc., but must use native calls. This isn't finished yet (if at all possible).

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