Watt-32 tcp/ip  2.2 dev-rel.10
Data Structures | Functions
powerpak.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  REAL_regs
struct  DPMI_callback


BOOL powerpak_init (void)
WORD dpmi_create_dos_selector (void)
int dpmi_free_dos_selector (WORD sel)
int dpmi_delete_memory_alias (void)
DWORD dpmi_create_memory_alias (DWORD addr, DWORD len)
REALPTR dpmi_alloc_callback_retf (DPMI_callback *cb)
int dpmi_free_callback_retf (DPMI_callback *cb)
int dpmi_getvect (int intr, WORD *sel, DWORD *ofs)
int dpmi_setvect (int intr, WORD sel, DWORD ofs)
void ReadRealMem (void *buf, REALPTR rp, unsigned len)
void WriteRealMem (REALPTR rp, const void *src, int size)
BYTE _farpeekb (WORD sel, DWORD ofs)
WORD _farpeekw (WORD sel, DWORD ofs)
DWORD _farpeekl (WORD sel, DWORD ofs)
void _farpokeb (WORD sel, DWORD ofs, BYTE val)
void _farpokew (WORD sel, DWORD ofs, WORD val)
void _farpokel (WORD sel, DWORD ofs, DWORD val)