Watt-32 tcp/ip  2.2 dev-rel.10
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printk.h File Reference

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int _printk_init (int size, const char *file)
void _printk_flush (void)
int _fputsk (const char *buf, FILE *stream)
int _vsnprintk (char *buf, int len, const char *fmt, va_list ap) ATTR_PRINTF(3
int int MS_CDECL _printk (const char *fmt,...) ATTR_PRINTF(1
int int MS_CDECL int MS_CDECL _snprintk (char *buf, int len, const char *fmt,...) ATTR_PRINTF(3


int _printk_safe
FILE * _printk_file

Variable Documentation

FILE* _printk_file

what file to print to (or stdout/stderr).

Definition at line 58 of file printk.c.

int _printk_safe

safe to print; we're not in a RMCB/ISR.

Definition at line 55 of file printk.c.