Watt-32 tcp/ip  2.2 dev-rel.10
res_comp.c File Reference

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static int mklower (int)
static int dn_find (u_char *, u_char *, u_char **, u_char **)
int W32_CALL dn_expand (const u_char *msg, const u_char *eom_orig, const u_char *comp_dn, char *exp_dn, int length)
int W32_CALL dn_comp (const char *exp_dn, u_char *comp_dn, int length, u_char **dnptrs, u_char **lastdnptr)
int W32_CALL __dn_skipname (const u_char *comp_dn, const u_char *eom)

Detailed Description

Resolver library.

Definition in file res_comp.c.