Watt-32 tcp/ip  2.2 dev-rel.10
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res_send.c File Reference

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static int name_server_send (int ns, struct sockaddr_in *nsap)
static void resolve_close (void)
static void Aerror (const char *str, const char *error, struct sockaddr_in address)
static void Perror (const char *str, const char *error)
void W32_CALL res_send_setqhook (res_send_qhook hook)
void W32_CALL res_send_setrhook (res_send_rhook hook)
int W32_CALL res_isourserver (const struct sockaddr_in *inp)
int W32_CALL res_nameinquery (const char *name, int type, int Class, const u_char *buf, const u_char *eom)
int W32_CALL res_queriesmatch (const u_char *buf1, const u_char *eom1, const u_char *buf2, const u_char *eom2)
int W32_CALL res_send (const u_char *buf, int buflen, u_char *ans, int anssiz)
static int tcp_conn (_tcp_Socket *sock, ERROR_TYPE *error, DWORD timeout)
static int tcp_read (_tcp_Socket *sock, u_char *buf, int len, ERROR_TYPE *error, DWORD timeout)
static int udp_read (_udp_Socket *sock, u_char *buf, int len, ERROR_TYPE *error, DWORD timeout)


static sock_typesock = NULL
static int vc = 0
static int connected = 0
static res_send_qhook Qhook = NULL
static res_send_rhook Rhook = NULL
static HEADERhp
static HEADERanhp
static int gotsomewhere
static int connreset
static int terrno
static int Try
static int v_circuit
static int ns
static int n
static int ns_buflen
static int ns_anssiz
static u_long badns
static u_char * ns_buf
static u_char * ns_ans

Detailed Description

Resolver send module

Definition in file res_send.c.