Watt-32 tcp/ip  2.2 dev-rel.10
rs232.h File Reference

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int trace2com_init (WORD portAddress, DWORD baudRate)
int MS_CDECL __trace2com (const char *fmt,...) ATTR_PRINTF(1

Detailed Description

Execution trace via a serial port, GvB 2002-09.

Activated from USER CODE by calling trace2com_init(...) with the port number (either 1-4, or the UARTs hardware address) and the baudrate. Recommend AFAP = 115200. Parameters are always 8,N,1.

Any string then passed to __trace2com(...) is sent out over the COM port. (Even after the CPU has crashed and gone down in flames ;)

Not for BCC32 since it doesn't have native I/O instructions (only via the macros in IOPORT.H)

Definition in file rs232.h.