Watt-32 tcp/ip  2.2 dev-rel.10
sock_in.c File Reference

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void W32_CALL ip_timer_init (sock_type *s, unsigned seconds)
int W32_CALL ip_timer_expired (const sock_type *s)
int W32_CALL _ip_delay0 (sock_type *s, int timeout_sec, UserHandler fn, int *statusptr)
int W32_CALL _ip_delay1 (sock_type *s, int timeoutseconds, UserHandler fn, int *statusptr)
int W32_CALL _ip_delay2 (sock_type *s, int timeoutseconds, UserHandler fn, int *statusptr)
int W32_CALL sock_timeout (sock_type *s, int sec)
int W32_CALL sock_established (sock_type *s)

Detailed Description

SOCK_IN: User input functions moved from pctcp.c.

Functions used in these macros: sock_wait_established() sock_wait_input() sock_wait_closed();

Definition in file sock_in.c.