Watt-32 tcp/ip  2.2 dev-rel.10
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split.c File Reference

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static void split_mac (struct pkt_split *, const void *)
static void split_ip4 (struct pkt_split *, const in_Header *)
static void split_ip6 (struct pkt_split *, const in6_Header *)
const struct pkt_splitpkt_get_split_in (void)
const struct pkt_splitpkt_get_split_out (void)
const struct pkt_splitpkt_get_type_in (enum Components type)
const struct pkt_splitpkt_get_type_out (enum Components type)
const struct pkt_splitpkt_split_mac_in (const void *ptr)
const struct pkt_splitpkt_split_mac_out (const void *ptr)
void pkt_print_split_in (void)
void pkt_print_split_out (void)


static struct pkt_split split_list_in [MAX_SPLITS]
static struct pkt_split split_list_out [MAX_SPLITS]
static const struct search_list names []

Detailed Description

Splitting of link-layer packets into components.

Definition in file split.c.

Function Documentation

static void split_ip6 ( struct pkt_split ps,
const in6_Header ip6 
Handle Fragment, ESP, AUTH, IPv6 encap

Definition at line 342 of file split.c.