Watt-32 tcp/ip  2.2 dev-rel.10
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version.c File Reference

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 _declspec (naked)
static const char * check_fastcall (void)
const char *W32_CALL wattcpVersion (void)
 Return string for Watt-32 version. More...
const char *W32_CALL wattcpBuildCC (void)
 Return the target/compiler.
const char *W32_CALL wattcpBuildCflags (void)
 Return the used. More...
const char *W32_CALL wattcpBuildCCexe (void)
 Return the the name if the compiler used. More...
const char *W32_CALL wattcpCapabilities (void)
 Return compiled-in capabilities and features. More...


const char * wattcpCopyright = "See COPYRIGHT.H for details"
static const char * capa []

Detailed Description

Return Watt-32 version/capabilities strings.

Definition in file version.c.

Function Documentation

const char* W32_CALL wattcpBuildCCexe ( void  )

Return the the name if the compiler used.

E.g. = cl.

Definition at line 456 of file version.c.

References _strlcpy().

const char* W32_CALL wattcpBuildCflags ( void  )

Return the used.

Since the makefiles contains "-I..\inc" for some targets (except gcc), replace "-I.." with "-I../inc". ("\i" is interpreted as an ESC-sequence).

Remove excessive spaces between args. Using strtok_r() in a loop?

Definition at line 431 of file version.c.

References _strlcpy().

const char* W32_CALL wattcpCapabilities ( void  )

Return compiled-in capabilities and features.

These features are set in "config.h"

Definition at line 568 of file version.c.

const char *W32_CALL wattcpVersion ( void  )

Return string for Watt-32 version.

Include this:

  • Name and version of compiler used to build Watt-32.
  • Target environment (if any).
  • Build date.

E.g. Watt-32 (2.2.11 Win32), GNU-C 4.5.3, CygWin 1.7.16, Aug 31 2012

Definition at line 76 of file version.c.