Watt-32 tcp/ip  2.2 dev-rel.10
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wdpmi.c File Reference

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void cdecl cstart_ (void)
static void far __loadds exception_main (void)
static BOOL is_wdosx_or_pmodew (DWORD sign)
BOOL dpmi_is_wdosx (void)
BOOL dpmi_is_pmodew (void)
BOOL dpmi_is_dos32a (void)
BOOL dpmi_is_dos4gw (void)
BOOL dpmi_is_causeway (void)
BOOL dpmi_is_hxdos (void)
const char * dos4gw_extender_name (void)
int dpmi_except_handler (exceptionHook exc_func)
voiddpmi_get_real_vector (int intr)
int dpmi_get_base_address (WORD sel, DWORD *base)
WORD dpmi_real_malloc (WORD size, WORD *selector)
int dpmi_real_free (WORD selector)
int dpmi_lock_region (void *address, unsigned length)
int dpmi_unlock_region (void *address, unsigned length)
int dpmi_real_interrupt (int intr, IREGS *reg)
int dpmi_real_call_retf (IREGS *reg)
static int real_interrupt (int intr, IREGS *reg)
int int386 (int intno, union REGS *ireg, union REGS *oreg)
int int386x (int intno, union REGS *ireg, union REGS *oreg, struct SREGS *sreg)
void segread (struct SREGS *sreg)
void SS_TO_DGROUP (void)
void RESTORE_SS_AND_GO (void)
void stack_rewind (DWORD start, DWORD base)
BOOL dpmi_init (void)


char _Extender
char _ExtenderSubtype
WORD __dpmi_errno = 0
WORD causeway_ver = 0
BOOL dos32a_nullptr_chk = 0
static struct FAULT_STRUC exc_struct
static exceptionHook user_exc_hook = NULL
static DWORD exc_app_start = 4096UL

Detailed Description

DPMI interface for Watcom-type targets.

DOS-extender/DPMI interface for DOS4GW Pro, DOS4G, DOS32A, Pmode/W, CauseWay, EDOS, HXDOS, WDOSX and Borland's POWERPAK (32rtm). Possibly usable with gcc and WDOSX also.

From udplib 1.111 by John Snagel jslag.nosp@m.el@v.nosp@m.oliti.nosp@m.on-i.nosp@m.nc.co.nosp@m.m and Freek Brysse frbry.nosp@m.sse@.nosp@m.vub.a.nosp@m.c.be

11 november, 1997 Ref. http://igweb.vub.ac.be/knights/udplib.html

Heavily changed by G. Vanem gvane.nosp@m.m@ya.nosp@m.hoo.n.nosp@m.o August 1998

Definition in file wdpmi.c.

Variable Documentation

DWORD exc_app_start = 4096UL
find the real application start

Definition at line 629 of file wdpmi.c.