Watt-32 tcp/ip  2.2 dev-rel.10
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werrno.h File Reference

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W32_FUNC void W32_CALL perror_s (const char *str)
W32_FUNC char *W32_CALL strerror_s_ (int errnum)
W32_FUNC void W32_CALL perror (const char *str)
W32_FUNC char *W32_CALL strerror (int errnum)
W32_FUNC int __stdcall WSAGetLastError (void)
W32_FUNC void __stdcall WSASetLastError (int err)


W32_DATA int _w32_errno
W32_DATA int _w32_sys_nerr
W32_DATA char * _w32_sys_errlist []

Detailed Description

sys_errlist[] and errno's for compilers with limited errnos. For WIN32, we do NOT use the <winsock.h> WSAE* codes.

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Definition in file werrno.h.