Watt-32 tcp/ip  2.2 dev-rel.10
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x32vm.c File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  RMCB_record


typedef struct RMCB_record RMCB_record


enum  ReturnType {
  RETF = 0xCB,
  IRET = 0xCF


static void __far PmodeGlue (int taskIndex)
static void PmGlueEnd (void)
void _dx_rmiv_get (int int_no, REALPTR *handler)
void _dx_rmiv_set (int int_no, REALPTR handler)
void _dx_pmiv_get (int int_no, FARPTR *handler)
void _dx_apmiv_set (int int_no, FARPTR handler)
void _dx_real_int (int int_no, SWI_REGS *regs)
int _dx_call_real (REALPTR proc, RMC_BLK *rm_reg, DWORD count,...)
void _dx_rmlink_get (REALPTR *cback, REALPTR *rm_cbuf, DWORD *rm_cbuf_size, void _far **pm_cbuf)
int _dx_real_above (int para_count, WORD *para, WORD *largest)
int _dx_real_free (WORD seg)
int _dx_real_alloc (int para_count, WORD *para, WORD *largest)
int _dx_lock_pgs (const void _far *addr, int len)
int _dx_lock_pgsn (const void *addr, int len)
int _dx_ulock_pgsn (const void *addr, int len)
void ReadRealMem (void *buf, REALPTR rp, unsigned len)
void WriteRealMem (REALPTR rp, const void *src, int len)
void FillRealMem (REALPTR rp, char val, int len)
void PokeRealWord (REALPTR rp, WORD val)
void stack_rewind (DWORD start, DWORD base)
static REALPTR normalize (REALPTR rp)
static REALPTR _dx_alloc_rmode_wrapper (pmodeHook pmHook, int len, int stack_size, ReturnType returnType)
void _dx_free_rmode_wrapper (REALPTR dos_addr)
REALPTR _dx_alloc_rmode_wrapper_retf (pmodeHook pmHook, rmodeHook rmHook, int len, int stack_size)
REALPTR _dx_alloc_rmode_wrapper_iret (pmodeHook pmHook, int stack_size)
static void __far PmodeGlue (struct RMCB_record *task_ptr)


static char num_wrappers = 0
static DWORD exc_app_start = 4096
static struct RMCB_record rmcb [MAX_WRAPPERS]

Detailed Description

FlashTek DOS extender interface.

A Pharlap-like interface for FlashTek's X32VM DOS extender Currently this only supports the Digital Mars compiler.

by G. Vanem gvane.nosp@m.m@ya.nosp@m.hoo.n.nosp@m.o July 2002

Definition in file x32vm.c.

Function Documentation

int _dx_real_alloc ( int  para_count,
WORD *  para,
WORD *  largest 



Definition at line 233 of file x32vm.c.

static void PmGlueEnd ( void  )
Support 32-bit Watcom with X32VM

Definition at line 619 of file x32vm.c.

Variable Documentation

struct RMCB_record rmcb[MAX_WRAPPERS]
find the real application start

Definition at line 47 of file x32vm.c.