Watt-32 tcp/ip  2.2 dev-rel.10
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ypclnt.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  ypall_callback


int yp_get_default_domain (char **domp)
int yp_bind (char *dom)
int _yp_dobind (char *dom, struct dom_binding **ypdb)
void yp_unbind (char *dom)
int yp_match (char *indomain, char *inmap, const char *inkey, int inkeylen, char **outval, int *outvallen)
int yp_first (char *indomain, char *inmap, char **outkey, int *outkeylen, char **outval, int *outvallen)
int yp_next (char *indomain, char *inmap, char *inkey, int inkeylen, char **outkey, int *outkeylen, char **outval, int *outvallen)
int yp_master (char *indomain, char *inmap, char **outname)
int yp_order (char *indomain, char *inmap, int *outorder)
int yp_all (char *indomain, char *inmap, struct ypall_callback *incallback)
int yp_invalid_domain (char *dom)
char * yperr_string (int incode)
char * ypbinderr_string (int incode)
int ypprot_err (unsigned int incode)

Detailed Description

RPC service - Yellow Pages client.

Definition in file ypclnt.h.